Friday, August 7, 2009

51 Random Things in My Room!

Hey hey!!

So, I was going through some old videos of Krazzydude07, someone whom I recently subscribed to, and found that he did a video called 51 Things In My House ... or something like that. He did it in response to another video, but regardless, I liked the idea. Seeing as my room is my own personal time capsule, I was able to find 51 things just in my ROOM. So, my new video on youtube is that one.

Here is a list of the things:
1. Aerobic Express Card - from this past semester at school. Gotta have it to take classes at the gym.
2. Lei - from my high school graduation party
3. Marauder's Map - received this past Christmas
4. A disproportionate horse - I got it at Six Flags maybe 3 or 4 years ago
5. Harry Potter glasses - I've had these since at least freshman year of high school
6. Smiley face slipper - had those since middle school
7. The Yard - got it at Senor Frogs in Cancun the summer before my junior year of high school
8. Milky Gel Pens - throwback! Had them since middle school. Maybe before.
9. Snap bracelet - a favor from my friends Sweet 16
10. Irish dancing hard shoes - I stopped Irish dancing in 7th grade...
11. Seashell - from trip to Nova Scotia, Canada. I believe I was in like 4th grade.
12. Girls Know Best 2 - I'm pretty sure my mom bought me this right as I hit puberty
13. MaryKate and Ashley Detective Notebook - yup. Elementary school.
14. Travel Simon - no idea when I got this. How long ago was Simon popular?
15. Dear Diary - had since at least 5th grade
16. Mask - made in art class in 8th grade. HP themed of course.
17. Floppy disk - those went out yeeeears ago
18. Pooh bear hat - from Disney World in 3rd or 5th grade. I forget.
19. Got Beer hat - from St. Patricks Day my senior year of high school
20. Quill - I got it in 8th or 9th grade
21. Wee Sing in Sillyville - the dvd I got in high school cuz my tape broke. The tape I had since I was maybe 2.
22. Inflatable soccer ball - Special Player Award from a soccer game sometime in middle school
23. Spice Girls Diary - that probably in 3rd or 4th grade
24. Moving turtle - got for Christmas this past year.
25. Hula bear - my parents got it for me in Hawaii before I was born. lol
26. Wooden elephant - I think my mom got it in Africa. The last time she was in Africa I was in 5th grade...but I think she got it before that.
27. Tye dye Dolphin - won it at the boardwalk years ago
28. Sandal - these are those sandals everyone (including me) wore when I was in 5th grade
29. Hedwig - got it in middle school
30. Beanie Babies - yup, still got mine. These aren't all of them, just a select few.
31. Sport scunchies - the soccer one I had in elementary school. The basketball one my mom got me late in high school...she hadn't gotten the memo that scrunchies are needless to say I never wore it.
32. Furby - special edition Easter Furby!! Got it in like 5th grade.
33. American Girl Dolls - Kirsten and Kit. I got Kit right after she came out. I got Kirsten sometime around 2nd or 3rd grade
34. Irish dancing crown - I got this around 3rd or 4th grade.
35. Round beanies - no idea how long I've had these. Definitely sinc elementary school.
36. Brain Quest - 3rd and 4th grade level. Self explanatory.
37. Wizard Cow - my friend got me this for either my 16th or 18th birthday.
38. Tooth Pillow - my aunt made me that when I started losing teeth.
39. Harry Potter in other languages - these are in Latin, German, and Danish, but I have it in French, British English, and maybe one other language. I forget.
40. Nativity Scene - also got that in elementary school. I was obsessed with them.
41. Signed baseball - from some minor league game. Also from sometime in elementary school
42. Soccer patches - it was tradition to trade your clubs patch with the team you played. So thats my collection. Circa 3rd-6th grade. Thats not all of them either.
43. Gameboy - its not even in color, so you can guess how old it is.
44. I Am Special Button - made it sometime in elementary school judging by the handwriting.
45. Teeth moldings - I had braces from 5th-7th grade
46. Biology study guide - I think I got that for my 9th grade bio class.
47. Music folder with music - I played violin until 7th grade.
48. Time for Kids Collection - in a Pokemon folder. From 5th grade. The cool kids in the class collected the TFK's we read. Hahhaa.
49. Mini Sailor Hat - Belongs to a giant rubber duck I own.
50. Furry Native American Baby - got it at a Craft Fair after my grandma died in 3rd grade.
51. Forgein money - from my trip to Europe after 10th grade. I have Euros, Czech money, and Swiss Francs.

So thats my 51 random things!!! It was fun to do, I suggest you see what you can find! :]

Monday, August 3, 2009

Friends and Shopping!!!!

Hey Again!

I never expected to be posting so soon! Haha. But I have some fun stuff to share.

Last night I hung out with my cousin and we went down to the Boardwalk (well, one of them). We got some Waffles & Ice Cream (YUUUUM :] ) and we played some games. After that we went back to her house and went in her hot tub but her dad didn't have the heat turned up so it was really cold :[ -- so, needless to say we weren't in it too long. My other friend also joined us in the hot tub, then we went to White Castle and had a sleepover at my house!!

This morning I went to the mall with my cousin. Her 21st birthday is on Sunday and she needed an outfit obviously!!! So I worked my magic and found her a gorgeous dress on sale for $12 (originally $50); shoes that matched for $5; her jewelry for about $9, ans as her birthday present I bought her a 21st Birthday set with a tiara, shot glass necklace, and a sash. That was the most expensive thing! LOL.

But she is gonna look amazing and even though I can't go out with her because I won't be 21 until October I know she is gonna have a blast :D

In other news, I am going into NYC tomorrow! I won't really be doing any shopping because I have literally about $120 to my name and thats IT. Thank god I start work in a couple of weeks!!!

So thats really all!!! Talk to you later xoxo

Sunday, August 2, 2009

First Post!

Hey Guys!!!

I'm really excited to make my first blog post on here!!!

First, I suppose some sort of introduction is in order. If you're on this blog, you may be coming from my youtube channel, If not, it is a channel about everything I like which includes: makeup, shopping, roller coasters, travel, movies, Harry Potter, books, and whatever else strikes my fancy. So check it out! This blog will be an extension of that channel and another channel yet to be made, which will be all about my experience as a pre-med.

I am going to be a 3rd year in college, which means this year is BIG. It's time for the MCATs and next spring I will begin putting together my med school application. WOAH. I never thought this year would come. It's really insane.

So basically, if you like my youtube channel(s) and want to continue following my life to some extent, this channel is for you!!

Now, onto the real blog post!

I was just on vacation for a week, so I have been TOTALLY out of the internet loop! But that's okay, I'm catching up. It might be August 2, but I will be doing a July favorites video today...I hope. There's a chance I will just be too lazy.

Anyway, vacation was great. My dad rents a house every year on Long Beach Island, which is off the coast of NJ. I love it there. It's this really tiny island that is literally about 8 blocks wide at its thickest point, but its something like 36 miles long....hence...Long Beach Island!!! It was funny because here at home, there were tons of rainstorms and hail and lightning and tornado watches, but it barely rained on the island!!! So it was fantastic. One day, I also went on a waverunner with my friend. I've been on them before, including last year, but I had forgotten exactly how fun it was!! They're so exhilarating, I highly suggest everyone do it at least ONCE in their life. Plus, its a great way to work your back and leg muscles!!! I was soo sore the next day!

But, thats really it. Tonight I have plans to hang out with my cousin and go to the boardwalk and chill in her hot tub. Oh boy!!!

Talk to you all later!!! :]