Monday, August 3, 2009

Friends and Shopping!!!!

Hey Again!

I never expected to be posting so soon! Haha. But I have some fun stuff to share.

Last night I hung out with my cousin and we went down to the Boardwalk (well, one of them). We got some Waffles & Ice Cream (YUUUUM :] ) and we played some games. After that we went back to her house and went in her hot tub but her dad didn't have the heat turned up so it was really cold :[ -- so, needless to say we weren't in it too long. My other friend also joined us in the hot tub, then we went to White Castle and had a sleepover at my house!!

This morning I went to the mall with my cousin. Her 21st birthday is on Sunday and she needed an outfit obviously!!! So I worked my magic and found her a gorgeous dress on sale for $12 (originally $50); shoes that matched for $5; her jewelry for about $9, ans as her birthday present I bought her a 21st Birthday set with a tiara, shot glass necklace, and a sash. That was the most expensive thing! LOL.

But she is gonna look amazing and even though I can't go out with her because I won't be 21 until October I know she is gonna have a blast :D

In other news, I am going into NYC tomorrow! I won't really be doing any shopping because I have literally about $120 to my name and thats IT. Thank god I start work in a couple of weeks!!!

So thats really all!!! Talk to you later xoxo

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