Sunday, August 2, 2009

First Post!

Hey Guys!!!

I'm really excited to make my first blog post on here!!!

First, I suppose some sort of introduction is in order. If you're on this blog, you may be coming from my youtube channel, If not, it is a channel about everything I like which includes: makeup, shopping, roller coasters, travel, movies, Harry Potter, books, and whatever else strikes my fancy. So check it out! This blog will be an extension of that channel and another channel yet to be made, which will be all about my experience as a pre-med.

I am going to be a 3rd year in college, which means this year is BIG. It's time for the MCATs and next spring I will begin putting together my med school application. WOAH. I never thought this year would come. It's really insane.

So basically, if you like my youtube channel(s) and want to continue following my life to some extent, this channel is for you!!

Now, onto the real blog post!

I was just on vacation for a week, so I have been TOTALLY out of the internet loop! But that's okay, I'm catching up. It might be August 2, but I will be doing a July favorites video today...I hope. There's a chance I will just be too lazy.

Anyway, vacation was great. My dad rents a house every year on Long Beach Island, which is off the coast of NJ. I love it there. It's this really tiny island that is literally about 8 blocks wide at its thickest point, but its something like 36 miles long....hence...Long Beach Island!!! It was funny because here at home, there were tons of rainstorms and hail and lightning and tornado watches, but it barely rained on the island!!! So it was fantastic. One day, I also went on a waverunner with my friend. I've been on them before, including last year, but I had forgotten exactly how fun it was!! They're so exhilarating, I highly suggest everyone do it at least ONCE in their life. Plus, its a great way to work your back and leg muscles!!! I was soo sore the next day!

But, thats really it. Tonight I have plans to hang out with my cousin and go to the boardwalk and chill in her hot tub. Oh boy!!!

Talk to you all later!!! :]

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