Friday, August 7, 2009

51 Random Things in My Room!

Hey hey!!

So, I was going through some old videos of Krazzydude07, someone whom I recently subscribed to, and found that he did a video called 51 Things In My House ... or something like that. He did it in response to another video, but regardless, I liked the idea. Seeing as my room is my own personal time capsule, I was able to find 51 things just in my ROOM. So, my new video on youtube is that one.

Here is a list of the things:
1. Aerobic Express Card - from this past semester at school. Gotta have it to take classes at the gym.
2. Lei - from my high school graduation party
3. Marauder's Map - received this past Christmas
4. A disproportionate horse - I got it at Six Flags maybe 3 or 4 years ago
5. Harry Potter glasses - I've had these since at least freshman year of high school
6. Smiley face slipper - had those since middle school
7. The Yard - got it at Senor Frogs in Cancun the summer before my junior year of high school
8. Milky Gel Pens - throwback! Had them since middle school. Maybe before.
9. Snap bracelet - a favor from my friends Sweet 16
10. Irish dancing hard shoes - I stopped Irish dancing in 7th grade...
11. Seashell - from trip to Nova Scotia, Canada. I believe I was in like 4th grade.
12. Girls Know Best 2 - I'm pretty sure my mom bought me this right as I hit puberty
13. MaryKate and Ashley Detective Notebook - yup. Elementary school.
14. Travel Simon - no idea when I got this. How long ago was Simon popular?
15. Dear Diary - had since at least 5th grade
16. Mask - made in art class in 8th grade. HP themed of course.
17. Floppy disk - those went out yeeeears ago
18. Pooh bear hat - from Disney World in 3rd or 5th grade. I forget.
19. Got Beer hat - from St. Patricks Day my senior year of high school
20. Quill - I got it in 8th or 9th grade
21. Wee Sing in Sillyville - the dvd I got in high school cuz my tape broke. The tape I had since I was maybe 2.
22. Inflatable soccer ball - Special Player Award from a soccer game sometime in middle school
23. Spice Girls Diary - that probably in 3rd or 4th grade
24. Moving turtle - got for Christmas this past year.
25. Hula bear - my parents got it for me in Hawaii before I was born. lol
26. Wooden elephant - I think my mom got it in Africa. The last time she was in Africa I was in 5th grade...but I think she got it before that.
27. Tye dye Dolphin - won it at the boardwalk years ago
28. Sandal - these are those sandals everyone (including me) wore when I was in 5th grade
29. Hedwig - got it in middle school
30. Beanie Babies - yup, still got mine. These aren't all of them, just a select few.
31. Sport scunchies - the soccer one I had in elementary school. The basketball one my mom got me late in high school...she hadn't gotten the memo that scrunchies are needless to say I never wore it.
32. Furby - special edition Easter Furby!! Got it in like 5th grade.
33. American Girl Dolls - Kirsten and Kit. I got Kit right after she came out. I got Kirsten sometime around 2nd or 3rd grade
34. Irish dancing crown - I got this around 3rd or 4th grade.
35. Round beanies - no idea how long I've had these. Definitely sinc elementary school.
36. Brain Quest - 3rd and 4th grade level. Self explanatory.
37. Wizard Cow - my friend got me this for either my 16th or 18th birthday.
38. Tooth Pillow - my aunt made me that when I started losing teeth.
39. Harry Potter in other languages - these are in Latin, German, and Danish, but I have it in French, British English, and maybe one other language. I forget.
40. Nativity Scene - also got that in elementary school. I was obsessed with them.
41. Signed baseball - from some minor league game. Also from sometime in elementary school
42. Soccer patches - it was tradition to trade your clubs patch with the team you played. So thats my collection. Circa 3rd-6th grade. Thats not all of them either.
43. Gameboy - its not even in color, so you can guess how old it is.
44. I Am Special Button - made it sometime in elementary school judging by the handwriting.
45. Teeth moldings - I had braces from 5th-7th grade
46. Biology study guide - I think I got that for my 9th grade bio class.
47. Music folder with music - I played violin until 7th grade.
48. Time for Kids Collection - in a Pokemon folder. From 5th grade. The cool kids in the class collected the TFK's we read. Hahhaa.
49. Mini Sailor Hat - Belongs to a giant rubber duck I own.
50. Furry Native American Baby - got it at a Craft Fair after my grandma died in 3rd grade.
51. Forgein money - from my trip to Europe after 10th grade. I have Euros, Czech money, and Swiss Francs.

So thats my 51 random things!!! It was fun to do, I suggest you see what you can find! :]

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